Meet Our Practitioners

Meet The Practitioners

Below is our vibrant community of practitioners – each one unique and ready to support you. Practitioners at The Clinic are independent private practitioners who set their own rates, schedule their own appointments and do their own billing. For more detailed information on  a particular therapist or to schedule an appointment with them, you’re invited to reach out to them directly.

Note: Practitioners are not The Clinic employees but independent providers.

If you’d like a little more support in finding the right practitioner for you, we invite you answer a few questions about what you’re looking for. Based on your answers, we will refer you to the practitioner who will best be able to serve you.

Nitsan Ozer, M.S., MFT


Founder of The Clinic at Therapy Tel Aviv

Specializes in helping women out of emotion stuckness, connecting inward & supporting people in transition.

Mairav Amouyal, MACP, L.C.F.T.

Psychotherapist, Art Therapist

Specializes in helping children and adults gain a sense of control and calm by working to increase capability, connection, courage, and self-worth through Art Therapy, Narrative, and Adlerian approaches.

Rachel Adler-Oren, RYT 500

Trauma-Sensitive Yoga Facilitator

Specializes in helping survivors of complex trauma heal their bodies through trauma-sensitive yoga.

Hagit Harmon

Psychotherapist, Meditation/Mindfulness Instructor

Specializes in Internal Family Systems (IFS) Therapy and teaching meditation.

Adir Cohen, MSW


Specializes in development of emotional regulation and mindfulness, reconnecting with the body, relationship therapy, spiritual and cultural identity, exploration and confrontation of childhood trauma, depression and anxiety.

A. Roy Spungin, Ph.D.

Clinical Social Worker

Specializes in teaching people how to be less attached to the thoughts which they usually suffer from.
Intuitive Self Healing and Tantric Healing

Ella Fuksbrauner

Intuitive Self Healing, Tantric Healing

Specializes in working through grief, depression, anxiety, self-limiting beliefs, fear of intimacy, and shame-induced behaviors through the mind-body-soul connection, and facilitating empowering and self-healing meditative practices.

Armonie Bensoussan

Mindfulness and Meditation Facilitator

Specializes in Chinese wisdom, including meridians tapping, sound healing and breath-work to lead you into a soft and life-changing treatment.

Anath Lievendag, LL.M.

Life Coach

Specializes in guiding men and women from all over the world towards positive change professionally and personally by discovering their truest selves, strengths and values and transitioning into happy, purposeful lives.

Sarah Schiff

Ayurvedic Therapist

Specializes in Ayurvedic Nutrition Counseling & Ayurvedic Massage, helping women through all stages of life, including pre- and post-partum, heal physical & emotional ailments. 


Daphne Moked, MSW


Specializes in working with individual adults, couples, and groups utilizing a variety of approaches that are relational and experiential to assist clients in creating lasting change for a more fulfilling life, deeper connections, and stronger relationships.

Aviva Pankowski

Low-Intensity CBT therapist

Specializes in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy to help young professionals learn tools to cope with anxiety, depression, everyday stress, career and relationship struggles.


Sarah Rosenberg, M.S.


Specializes in psychological distress, eating disorders, anxiety, depression and Olim Chadashim.

Cenya Katalan is a psychotherapist working from The Clinic at Therapy Tel Aviv

Cenya Katalan, M.A.

Clinical Psychologist Resident

Specializes in helping children, adolescents and adults who are struggling with issues ranging from trauma, relational problems, depression, anxiety and loss by utilizing integrative approaches such as play therapy, psychodynamic psychotherapy, EMDR, existential analysis and logotherapy.


Keren Antebi, M.A.


Specializes in movement therapy, individual psychotherapy, couples and family therapy, therapy with children and EMDR.

Caela is a psychotherapist at The Clinic in Tel Aviv

Caela Cohen, M.S.Ed., LMFT

Psychotherapist, Marriage & Family Therapist

Specializes in supporting individuals and couples through interpersonal and relationship difficulties, as well as those struggling with anxiety and self-esteem, in order to lead more connected and aligned lives.

Rosemary Norton, Osteopath

Rosemary Norton, RNCP Level I


Specializes in working with physical pain experienced in the body and restoring imbalances that have occurred, both acutely and over time. 

Šárka Soudková, Ph.D., TCTSY-F

Šárka Soudková, Ph.D., TCTSY-F

Therapeutic Yoga Facilitator

Specializes in therapeutic, trauma-sensitive application of yoga for wellbeing, health, and resilience; empowers her clients through techniques of mindfulness and Somatic Experiencing.

Bach Flowers, Access Bars & Healing, Human Design, Practical Self Development

Sat-Sung Kalman Hassid, MA, LLB

Bach Flowers, Access Bars & Healing, Human Design, Practical Self Development

Specializes in helping you release stress and worry, and strengthen your focus, direction and motivation.

Psychologist, Clinical Psychology Resident

Adaya Turkia, M.S.

Psychologist, Clinical Psychology Resident

Specializes in helping individuals feel more connected, resilient, and empowered in the face of emotional distress, trauma, stubborn unhelpful patterns, and transition.

Jordhynn Guy

Jordhynn Guy, M.A.

Counseling Practicum Intern working under supervision with Dr. Tracey Farber

Works with anxiety, life transitions, adjustment and relationship issues while honoring the mind-body connection, non-duality and trans-generational trauma.

Dr. Tracey Farber, PhD.

Clinical Psychologist

Specializes in working co-creatively with clients to understand the wounded parts of themselves while building their resilience with the aim to enable clients to walk forward and enhance their creative problem solving ability; works with individual adults, couples and children through play therapy.

Katie Molloy, Dr TCM

Doctor of Chinese Medicine, Acupuncturist and Chinese Herbal Practitioner

Specializes in women’s health (fertility, hormonal issues, IVF support, menopause), and paediatric care (children as young as a few months to teenagers).

Integrative therapist and Healer and The Clinic at Therapy Tel Aviv

Oly Doroshev

Integrative Therapist Healer

Specializes in helping people – individuals and couples – heal trauma, increase inner and relational safety, and repair boundaries to embody more connection with the Self, others, and life.

Sydney Rootman works from The Clinic and specializes in women's health & wellbeing to calm to the nervous system, heal the heart, and ground for a quieter mind using essential oils, therapeutic touch & open hearted energy.

Sydney Rootman

Holistic Health Therapist

Specializes in women’s health & wellbeing to calm to the nervous system, heal the heart, and ground for a quieter mind using aromatherapy, essential oils, therapeutic touch & open-hearted energy.

CBT & ACT Therapist at The Clinic at Therapy Tel Aviv

Ceri Tuchband

CBT & ACT Therapist

Specializes in helping people learn new ways of understanding and coping with difficult situations in all areas of their life using Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and compassion-based approaches.

Yoga Therapy for Women
Chronic Pain

Amit Zilberberg

Yoga Therapist For Women

Specializes in Yoga Therapy for women with Endometriosis and Chronic Pelvic Pain; Somatic Experiencing.

Massage Therapist; Life Coach at The Clinic

Marie-Claude Germain

Life coach/Positive Psychology Practitioner; Massage Therapist

Specializes in life coaching for women utilizing a positive psychology lens;

In Massage therapy, specializes in Swedish, deep tissue, medical massage and “meshoulav” mixed modalities massage with combination of thai stretches, amno-tuina, accupressure etc.

Physiotherapist, Yoga Teacher at The Clinic

Dana Podell, DPT, E-RYT

Physical Therapist & Therapeutic Yoga Teacher

Specializes in pelvic health physical therapy, orthopedic physical therapy, therapeutic yoga – yoga as therapeutic exercise to recover from pain and injury.

Friends of The Clinic

Jill Meltzer, L.Ac (I.A.TCM)

Acupuncture & Herbal Medicine, Dry Needling & Traditional Chinese Medicine

Specializes in pain, sports injuries, gynecological and gastrointestinal disorders.

Dr. Carolynn Shor, PsyD.


Online only

Specializes in working with adult men and women who are struggling with issues ranging from depression and anxiety to addiction.

CarliRothschild, Trauma Therapist

Carli Rothschild

Holistic Trauma Therapist

Online only

Specializes in helping individuals manage and understand trauma and how it impacts the mind, body and soul by utilizing CBT and DBT strategies.