Mental Health and Mother Earth

Written by Šárka Soudková

Many of us agree that regaining and maintaining (mental) health and wellbeing requires a holistic approach. But let’s explore for a moment what the holistic perspective can mean. 

Unarguably, a holistic view is seeing the person as whole, not just one part or one aspect of said person. While seeing things through an even broader lens, holistic therapies are also interested in a person’s social and physical environment and the ways in which they interact and connect with them. Inspired by celebrations of Earth Day, let’s zoom out with our holistic viewpoint even further to the perspective which will contain the whole Earth and let’s reflect on the connection between mental health and the Mother Earth.

We may think of many qualities which are innate to the Earth, and which can be seen as essential in taking care of our mental health and wellbeing. Earth provides support and stability, which are necessary assets for any further work in the field of (mental) health and wellbeing – finding the grounding practices or exercises which resonate with us might be supportive for many situations when we feel overwhelmed or caught up by distressing thoughts, memories, or feelings. Quite literally, they can help bring us back down to Earth. 

If you like, you may try, right now, one short practice. 

You are invited to notice your feet and place them on the ground. 

You can add some movement to your toes, or you can shift your weight from one foot to the other. 

If that resonates, you can imagine your feet are meeting and greeting the Earth through this gentle movement. 

You can take a moment noticing the connection with the ground, with the Earth, whose support is here for you now in this moment and always. 

Of course, no one technique works for all people, and each situation might require a bit different of a grounding exercise.  It might therefore be helpful to have a list of a few grounding exercises that we can draw upon at various times.

Once there is support and stability established, taking care of your mental health and wellbeing can be built even further. The Earth is providing us space for nurturing and regenerating, space for transforming what is no longer needed, space for evolving and growth. When optimising our mental health and wellbeing, we too need such a space. For some of us, this space is in nature or in the company of a good friend, for others it might be a therapeutic space, such as The Clinic – the space that was dreamed up to serve you, in whatever form your growth might take.

Happy Earth Day!

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