Using Human Design For Your Own Spring Ritual Creation

Written by Sat-Sung Kalman Hassid

Using Human Design to create your personal spring ritual

Spring is a time of renewal and growth, and it’s a great opportunity to create a ritual that supports your personal evolution. By designing a ritual based on your Human Design type, you can tap into your natural strengths and tendencies, and create a practice that feels aligned with your true self.

First, what is Human Design?

In a nutshell, Human Design is a method for mapping personality and showing you how you can live your most aligned and joyful life. Included in the tips provided by Human Design are how to communicate and make choices more effectively based on your personal and unique chart.

Human Design is a conglomerate of several different modalities, including astrology, the I-Ching, and the chakra system. Multi-layered, Human Design is both practical and esoteric.

And this article covers a bit of the esoteric side of the technique: how to use Human Design to create a spring ritual for yourself, based on your Human Design “type”.

Spring rituals for the five different Human Design Types

Human Design Type 1: Manifestors:

  • Harness your energy and create yourself a magical Spring vision board!  
  • Do what feels right to you – design your vision board the old-fashioned way with magazines and sparkles, or create it digitally. Either way is perfect.
  • On your vision board include all the things you would love to get done during the Spring season and beyond. And keep in mind that your mind might change about your ideas, and that’s just fine. The purpose of your Spring ritual vision board is to inspire, not control. 

Human Design Types 2 & 3: Generators and Manifesting Generators:

  • For your Spring ritual, take some time to leisurely wander about an environment that inspires you.
  • As you wander about, respond to that which is around you.
  • If you are drawn to something, head towards it. When something catches your eye, pay attention and gaze. Notice a smell that you like? Check to see from where it is coming and what it is.

Human Design Type 4: Projectors:

  • Take time out from whatever you’re doing to spend quality time on something fun. Go for a walk, play ball, do yoga, watch a movie, read a book, play with crystals, write a story – whatever you enjoy, go for it.
  • Afterwards, meditate in silence. If you are drawn to crystals or feathers, include them in your meditation. 

Human Design Type 5: Reflectors:

  • As your environment so strongly impacts your energy and health, your Human Design Spring ritual includes inspirational Spring cleaning.  
  • Clean, organize, and declutter your work and personal environments. Arrange your spaces to create environments supporting and strengthening your energy and health.
  • After cleaning, organizing, and decluttering your work and personal spaces, continue your Spring ritual by meditating on supporting Spring cleaning for the larger communities in your life. Meditate on allowing them too to experience greater health and energy. 

By creating a ritual that aligns with your Human Design type, you can infuse your spring with meaning and purpose. You can deepen your understanding of yourself and your unique energy, and create a practice that nourishes your soul.

Want to read more? Learn more about Human Design here:

Any any questions, including questions on how to figure out your Human Design type, you’re invited to be in touch with me. It is always wonderful hearing from you.
~ Sat-Sung

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